Superior National Performance Gear

Superior National is a camping product (specifically backpacking) startup. The company's flagship product is a hammock that is super lightweight, compact and most importantly: thermally insulated with down. The insulation it provides is enough to keep warm in fiercely cold conditions (35°F) - even as cold as a typical Minnesota winter! 😉

My Role

The primary goal was to create a brand that represents the innovative hammock while supporting future growth for additional products and other gear. This was much more than just a logo for a hammock, this was a brand for outdoor camping, hiking and adventure. Currently, the hammock product and system is available online at (the final site design is not mine).


  • Branding & Identity Design
  • Art Direction

Back to the 70's

The final direction resulted in an interesting combination of the abbreviation for Superior National (S & N). This resulted in a retro look to appeal to the old school national park posters. I also wanted to create a strong badge (with and without the name) that could stand out on various products such as a wind-breaker or fleece jacket.

Pictured below is their flagship product - the Superior Hammock System displayed in a few environments, including it's Minnesotan natural habitat (that's winter incase you didn't get the joke).

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