SkyWater Regional Church

SkyWater Regional Church is a new curch plant in Shakopee, Minnesota. The name was birthed out of Sioux Indians's native tongue. In Sioux, "Minnesota" literally translates to "cloudy water" or "sky-tinted waters", hence SkyWater. "Regional" communicates SkyWater's investment not only in their immediate community but also in the greater southwestern, MN area.

My Role

It was a privilage to have SkyWater's full trust on this project. I was given free reign on almost every aspect of the design process. With SkyWater launching as a new organization, my goal was to create a strong visual element to complement and communicate its name. To further strengthen the design, I opted for creating a custom wordmark which was a blast to explore and refine.


  • Branding & Identity Design
  • Wordmark Development
  • Collateral Design

Beyond the branding, I had some fun bringing the wave-like movements from the logo into other visual elements pictured below

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